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Dr. Mike Burgdorf is committed to educating patients about plastic surgery in and out of the office. Dr. Burgdorf speaks to audiences about many different aspects of cosmetic surgery, helping these procedures to become less scary and mysterious. An experienced plastic surgeon with his own practice, Dr. Burgdorf seeks to spread the message that most cosmetic surgery procedures are extremely routine and safe.

His ENGAGING, EDUCATIONAL, and ENTERTAINING presentations are perfect for groups of any size
interested in cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Burgdorf speaks on the subjects of general plastic surgery and the details about specific procedures, as well as more emotional topics like the psychological struggles of wanting to change your appearance. A caring, attentive, and compassionate surgeon, Dr. Burgdorf infuses the same qualities he exhibits in the exam room into each presentation he gives.

To find out more about Dr. Mike Burgdorf, his presentation topics, or his practice, please contact us here. Thank you for your interest!