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Primed for a Dad Do-Over – You’re an ideal candidate for a Dad Do-Over! 

They don’t call you Super Dad for nothing! But dedicating all your time and energy to caring for your family, working hard and pursuing your passions has put looking out for number one, last place on your priority list. Between family time, business meetings and social obligations, keeping up your appearance and squeezing in fitness takes a back seat to your busy schedule. You used to be athletic and attractive, now, years later, you look up and don’t see the virile, energetic young man you once were. However, you may be hesitant to consider plastic surgery because it always seemed “unmanly.” If you’ve never seriously investigated surgical rejuvenation to help regain your former physique, now is actually the perfect time! What are you waiting for?

Next Steps

Often the first step in the Dad Do-Over process is overcoming the perceived stigma around plastic surgery for men. Would you be ashamed if your friends or family find out that you actually care about your appearance? Do you think plastic surgery is only for women? Are you worried about being “found out” because you could pull off the effortless attitude about your looks that so many women seem to find attractive?

These are totally normal concerns! But the fact is, more men than ever are turning to plastic surgery to provide that boost the need to keep up with increasingly youthful business and romantic competition, younger wives and stringent societal expectations. After all, some of the first parts of the body to show signs of again, including your eyelids and midsection, also happen to be the most difficult to remedy without surgery. A Dad Do-Over can help revamp those pesky problem areas in a subtle way, and it’s a one-time investment in yourself that you’ll benefit from the rest of your life. Plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments for men are more common than ever before! ASPS statistics for men in 2015 show more than 27,000 breast reductions, nearly 12,000 facelifts, 25,500 liposuction procedures, more than 428,000 Botox (Brotox) sessions and almost 100,000 fillers! Rest assured that you’re in good company with the Dad Do-Over.

For more in-depth guidance to prepare for your Dad Do-Over, contact Dr. Burgdorf and his expert team via the Music City Plastic Surgery website.

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