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April 30, 2018. Nashville Tn

NEW RELEASE  Amazon Best Seller by Dr. Michael R. Burgdorf examines the popular and growing trend of male plastic surgery.

The Daddy Do Over: Boost Your Confidence in the Boardroom and the Bedroom, the male counterpart to The Mommy Makeover, is the second Amazon best selling book by author/surgeon Dr. Burgdorf and  shows how Dads can use plastic surgery as an option to regain their Mojo in the business world, as well as at home.

Dr. Burgdorf shows how a man’s appearance can significantly effect his career, his confidence, and his productivity.  He demonstrates how any man can see a positive ROI with plastic surgery when he invests in himself and his appearance.  

Topics covered throughout the book include:

  • The Male Dilemma
  • A Healthy Way to Respond to a Midlife Crisis
  • Which “Types” of Dads are Undergoing Plastic Surgery
  • Which Procedures are Most Popular Among Men Today

The Daddy Do Over is the newest release from Dr. Michael Burgdorf, a serial best selling author, and owner/ founder of Music City Plastic Surgery, one of the nations most premier plastic surgery practices. Men can use this guide to explore their options, both with surgical and non-invasive measures, to improve their confidence.

Dr. Michael Burgdorf, known as a Gentleman Surgeon, founded Music City Plastic Surgery in 2012 and has quickly earned a reputation as an authority and expert in all things related to appearances of both men and women, especially those who experience changes related to having and raising children.  He can be reached for comment or interviews at Info@musiccityplasticsurgery or by calling (615)567-5716. His websites are and ( where complimentary Daddy Do-Over and Mommy Makeover Readiness Assessments can be taken).