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Overdue for a Dad Do-Over – You’re an ideal candidate for a Dad Do-Over! Let’s do this!

You’re a dad who has it all – juggling family, work, and play like a pro – now it’s time to look as good as you feel! Perhaps you worry that your younger wife looks much better than you, or you may be concerned about “looking tired” next to the youthful new executive at the office. Even though you may hit the gym several days a week, not even the most intense workout routine can counteract the stress lines, sun damage, loose skin, turkey neck, or even man boobs (otherwise known as gynecomastia or male pattern breast tissue) that result from raising a family, hard work, and even harder play. Only surgical procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks, or facelifts, and treatments such as Botox® or Kybella® can properly address these issues. You’ve done the research, talked to your family about it, and now you’re ready to treat yourself to a Dad Do-Over.

Next Steps

Once you’ve made the decision to say “yes” to a Dad Do-Over, here’s how to prepare:

  • Choose the right surgeon: Not all surgeons are created equal! Do your research to choose a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon (not just a cosmetic surgeon) experienced in handling issues at least as complex as your own. (At Music City Plastic Surgery, we know the importance of delivering an unparalleled plastic surgery experience!)
  • Set a recovery plan: After the surgery, you’ll need someone nearby to help. Beg your partner, or better yet, pay them to be waiting on your hand and foot while you recover for at least a week. Remember, you’ll be out of work for a week or so.
  • Prep your home: Stock the fridge, change the remote batteries, and do some laundry in advance to make recovery easier. Set out that schedule of The Master or your favorite college football team; you’ve earned the pass to enjoy these events from the Barka-lounger
  • Visualize your results: It’s totally normal to feel some anxiety or doubts leading up to your surgery. Once the anesthesiologist hits you with the Mike Tyson hook of meds, your worries will be KO’d. Talk to your doctor for a reminder of how safe a Dad Do-Over really is!

For more in-depth guidance to prepare for your Dad Do-Over, contact Dr. Burgdorf and his expert team via the Music City Plastic Surgery website.

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